Here at 802 Magic, we're fond believers in photographs. Not the digital collection of on-screen pixels that's become such a commodity these days, but the actual, physical paper photograph that you can hold in your hands, place in an album, display in your home, and appreciate even when your phone's battery has drained away to nothing or the power lines have snapped due to the weight of ice (this IS Vermont after all).

Sure, there's a place for digital images! They're fun to share, you can keep thousand of them that are readily accessible on a portable device, and they're easier than ever to create. In fact, a lot of our business involves digital photography. Ultimately, our focus is on the printed photographs that people keep and cherish for decades to come. It's hard to beat that feeling of looking through grandma's old photo albums filled with memories that far pre-date the original iPhone (and in some cases even television itself).

This is why we invested heavily in equipment that allows us to print very high quality photographs on-site in a matter of seconds. We're not talking consumer-grade selfie-makers, or ink-jet printers that also happen to print photos. We're talking heavy, dedicated printers whose sole purpose is to create beautiful photo prints in standard sizes.

Having said that, even the most fancy equipment is meaningless if the underlying portraits look poor. We didn't want to settle for a typical automatic photo booth experience. 802 Magic's owner, Frank Gore, has over a decade of experience as a professional behind the camera. Depending on the event, there may also be partners, assistants and volunteers on hand to ensure top notch results and a pleasant experience for you.

802 Magic wants to re-introduce the photo print to the public and make it accessible to everyone! No expensive "photo packages", no minimum purchase amount, no stressful waiting before photo sessions. All you do is show up with a smile (or any other expression of your choice) and walk away with an affordable photo print. With a complete mobile studio, we can capture the best version of yourself and provide you with any number of prints in most popular sizes within 5 minutes for as little as $3.

There is no more excuse for not getting a portrait! Come find us at local craft fairs and vendor events, or book us for your own event. You can find a list of the upcoming public events we'll be attending on the Upcoming Events page. So what are you waiting for? Come get your picture taken!

And yes, you can still get digital photos if you want ???? Each of our prints includes a complimentary digital version for sharing with friends and family, which you can request at your leisure.