A portrait photo booth is a great addition for any event! We can do birthday parties, craft fairs, corporate events and many other types of gatherings. We can complement many themes, and there are different payment options to cater to your needs.

Requirements for an on-site portrait photo booth:

  • minimum 10' x 10' open area, preferred 12' x 12' for group photos
  • can be outdoors in warmer weather (we have our own canopies)
  • heated indoor space in colder weather (please don't cram us into your unheated garage when it's -20 outside)
  • grounded electrical outlet within 25' of location
  • depending on location and the payment option you choose, if there's no access to cellular data, we may need some kind of Internet access (WiFi is fine)

Examples Of Events

Birthday Parties and Anniversaries

A great way to create fun memories of that special day! A portrait photo booth can be a fun activity for everyone. If you've got a theme for your birthday party, we can probably match it with a custom scene. Appropriate for all ages. We can add custom art or text to each photo to commemorate the celebration.

Pop-up Boutiques

Want to add a fun and exciting element to your pop-up boutique? Whether you're selling fashion, accessories, pampering products or anything else that involves setting up an in-home sales party, having a portrait photo booth can help improve your customer engagement and make the event more fun for everyone. This is also a great way to add rewards to your event; for example, offer a free portrait when a customer spends a minimum amount on the products you're selling.

Craft Fairs, Vendor Events, Flea Markets

Draw more people to your sales event by having a unique attraction on site! A portrait photo booth creates more foot traffic that translates into more sales for other vendors. You also benefit from the added marketing that we generate for all of the public events that we attend. In addition, we can do cross-promotions with the event organizers; for example, award winners can get a free portrait taken with their award to commemorate the event. We can do custom branding on portraits and/or frames for such promotions, given enough time to plan for it.

Corporate Events

If you've got a business or professional conference coming up, this is a great way to give people something to do in between engagements. Perfect for updating professional head shots, commemorating the conference or making memories with friends and colleagues. This is a perfect opportunity to add your own custom branding to the prints and/or frames that we offer.

Charities and Fundraisers

We love a good cause! In addition to helping improve attendance at your event, we'll also share a percentage of our profits with your cause to help boost your fundraising even more.

Pricing Options

Free Attendance! (pay per use)

This is a flexible option that's intended for fairs, sales, fundraisers and other public events. We attend the event, and everyone is free to buy portraits at our regular rates. We want to draw lots of people, therefore we market the event heavily (but not obnoxiously) so everyone knows about it.

Free For All! (post-pay)

This is perfect for private parties. The organizer pays for all portraits taken during the event after our engagement has ended. Our regular rates apply, but discounts get added as volume goes up. The more portraits we take, the cheaper they get! There's a deposit required before the event, with the balance refundable if the total cost doesn't reach that amount. The organizer can determine ahead of time if any photo frames or mounting options we offer are included, or extra cost to each guest.

Free For All! (single up-front payment)

Are you expecting a huge turnout? Want to let EVERYONE have fun getting their portrait taken for free? Then this is the perfect option for you. For a single up-front payment, we'll setup our portrait booth and give everyone all the portraits they want. Cost is $80/hour for 4x6 prints only, $100/hr for 5x7 prints only, or $160/hour for all print sizes (4x6, 5x7, 8x10), pre-paid before we setup for the event. We don't include the time it takes to setup and put away the booth or for breaks, only the time we're available for taking photos. Limited to a single print of each photo taken. Photo recipients can order more copies of each photo online at our regular rates anytime after the event. Any photo frames or mounting options we offer are extra cost.